To Write or Not to Write…

It’s easy to say you’re going to be this or do that, but as we all know, saying something is a lot different than actually doing it. Do writer’s always want to write? No. Do musicians always want to perform? I can assure you the answer is no because I am one and I don’t always want to. Do artist’s always want to paint? No. But, in order to make something magical happen, you have to show up and put the time in to create the ‘muse’. So, the writer must write, the musician must perform, the artist must paint, because if each doesn’t, there would be no Hemingway’s, Hendrix’s, or Picasso’s to emulate and inspire us to be better at our crafts.

So, we have no need to ask ourselves ‘should I write or not write today?’ The answer will always be a resounding YES!




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